Bienvenue sur Rentashop


In our historical store located in the second arrondissement of Paris, we offer a wide range of sewing supplies and quality fabrics for the creation of suits, dresses, shirts and other garments.

In the high fashion and tailoring field there are thousands of articles and colours that are necessary.
Since 1925 we thrive to hold in stock the articles needed. The result is more than 3500 products in a wide range of colours giving you the flexibility you need in your projects.

The quality of sewing supplies and fabrics define that of the final products, this is why faced with the ever-present and often vague notion of quality we prefer to talk about our quality. Let’s define it:

Our suppliers are specialised and excel in their manufacturing process. 

Our products have been adopted and are used by professionals. Their feedback allows us to better our product ranges

Our products are made in good working and environmental conditions

Our products are made as close as possible, because we like to meet our suppliers and it reduces the shipping distances

Our products lines are available permanently. This allows our clients to reorder articles sometimes years later.

With so many products to choose from we always make time to give you the best advice we can to make your project a success.