Sewing supplies

Situated in the heart of the second arrondissement of Paris, our company is specialised in high quality European sourced sewing supplies all destined to create or alter suits, shirts, coats and dresses.

In the high fashion and tailoring field there are thousands of articles and colours that are necessary. Since 1925 we thrive to hold in stock as many of them as we can. The result is more than 3500 products in a wide range of colours. If you do not find what you are looking for we will do our best to direct you to another store or to order the article you need. We deliver in Paris the same day.

Our store is truly incredible, and will make you travel back in time. Established in 1925 our 2600 sq ft (250 sq m) boutique has a beautiful glass roof dating back to the 19th century and since that time not much has changed except for a few computers here and there. The authentic and vintage atmosphere will make you want to explore every corner even if you have no interest in our products. If you are interested on the other hand, we will give the best advice possible so that you can create the garment of your choice.

We are proud of the quality of our products because we believe it gives you the best foundations to build on. In order to attain this quality we have selected the best European suppliers from France, England, Germany and Italy of course. Over the years our faithful customers have given us valuable feedback and have helped us to better our product range.

While we are specialised in supplying professional clients, we do sell goods to the general public so do not hesitate to come by and discover our large product range.